A Martial Arts school promoting family
health for
kids, teens and adults.

Ai  KI  DO
Deep River Aikikai
Circular Motion
Please call prior to visiting in case of any schedule change.
The dojo is closed on all major holidays that fall on class days.
Come in to watch and talk to our teacher and our students prior to training.
Wear traditional white Aikido or Karate uniform or light long sleeves and pants for introduction.

Frank Apodaca, Jr.
Graduated intensive mastership programs:
•Aikido - Master T.K. Chiba intensive 6 year teacher training program
•Mediation - 6 years with Roshi, Genki Takabayashi and Osho, Kokan Genjo Marinello
•Personal Trainer - National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) trained
Black belts:
•6th Degree, Aikido Shihan (Master Teacher - Aikikai Hombu)
•Iaido (Art of Sword Drawing)
•Bokken (Wooden sword)
•Tanto (Wooden knife)
•Jyo (Staff)
Cross trainings:
•Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
•Okinawan Karate

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