All fees for membership, instruction and private lessons are non-refundable.
The dojo is closed on all major holidays that fall on class days.

Drop-In Fee: $25 / 2 hour class - If you are regularly attending >2x/month, please join with regular membership support fees below.

This is a martial arts school that survives on its monthly memberships, rather than charging on a per class or long term contract basis.

$55 / month  (1 hour / week)
$85 / month (2 hours / week)
$115 / month (4 hours / week)
$35 / month per addtional family member
Monday Iaido: +$40 (Members) or $60 (Non-members)
Wednesday Weapons: +$40 or $60 (Non-members)
Discount of 20% for military, first responders and students.
Discount of 20% for commuters who travel >45 minutes to attend.

Fees are due the first week of the month and are subject to a $15 late fee thereafter.
Only ONE discount above may be applied per person or per family.

Payment Methods:
Cash or Check (to Frank Apodaca) - bring to dojo or mail to Frank Apodaca P.O.Box #34 Saxapahaw, N.C. 27340
Paypal - Select "Send money to friends and family" and enter our email (


$40/year - Dojo Support Fee.  This fee is collected upon joining (except in November and December) and each January.

$40/year -  Birankai North America Support Fee. This fee is collected after 3 months adult membership and each January (not applied to children).

$10 (one time) Birankai membership training passport (promotion/training record booklet).
$40/ testing - tests are held four time per year and based on Birankai guidelines
...visit links here for white belt (Kyu) and black belt(Dan).
$20/practice test - the opportunity to receive corrective feedback during testing is also available.

Uniforms......approximately $55 - $80; durable Judo style
Other martial arts supplies are available upon request.

Leave of Absence Support Fee Choice:

Additionally, I will also institute a leave of absence fee choice. The dojo is a monthly membership school and survives on such. If life takes a member on a change and your fees need to be reviewed then please do not hesitate to contact me for fee adjustment.

To continue membership and waive an added rejoining fee($40), members can either request for a leave of absence to waive fees or request adjustment or, if at all possible, continue to support the dojo at 1/3 cost of their usual monthly fees. Mostly, what is asked for here is keeping clear lines of communication and reducing assumptions which, in the past, has occurred.

The use of this type of fee adjustment structure is in lieu of what other schools charge in a contract form. It is also more flexible and less rigid to student and school.

Private Lessons:
Great for increasing confidence and improved technical development with one on one instruction.

Apodaca Sensei (teacher) is a 6th degree black belt with over 30 years of extensive training and teaching experience. Apodaca Sensei recently (January 8th, 2017) awarded Shihan (master level instructor) title by the world Aikido headquarters. His teaching style is patient and fitting to the student's abilities. He is available for group and private lessons.

Aikido (Body Arts) – 6th degree black belt, instructor
Iaido (Japanese Sword Drawing) – black belt instructor
Traditional Wooden Weapons (Staff, Sword, Knife) – black belt instructor
Meditation techniques and breath principles – in stillness and in motion
Conditioning – strength, flexibility and injury prevention

Individual   30 minutes.....$35
                   1 hour.............$60
                   1.5 hours........$90
Group (2 or more) ...........$40/person/hour

Private lesson packages also available - inquire with Sensei Apodaca.

Gift Certificates are available in any amount.
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